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Pet hair removal tips and tricks

This blog is going to be for all us who put our furry friends in our vehicles, and those who’s friends have pets and like to bring parts of their babies with them. Pet hair can get outrageous quick. My dog, Riley,

sheds like its her job. She is in my truck multiple times a week leaving her mark, even when she just lays there. There are a few tricks you can do to turn removing pet hair from your carpets and upholstery from complete misery to a few minute, enjoyable job. I actually enjoy getting her hair out of my truck.

The first thing I’d try is a simple vacuum. This can go a long way. It’s going to remove most of the loose hairs and if it’s coming up easily this could be the only step you need. If you are set on only vacuuming, I’d try working in a few different directions. If the hair has weaved itself in the fabric, hitting it from multiple directions will help work it free and allow it to be sucked up. Sometimes there are a few stubborn hairs that wont move, that's when you give up on the tools and pick it up with your fingers.

If the vacuum isn’t cutting it, here are a few brushes or tools you can use to help speed up the process.

1) Pumice Stone

2) Lilly Brush, Mini Pet Hair Detailer

3) Detailed Image Pet Hair Removal Brush

Each of these can be found online and are cheap. A little trick I’d recommend with these is to get the areas you are working in wet before using the tools. A little water or interior cleaner will keep the hair from flying all over the place and make it easier to clean up at the end.

Let’s talk about the Pumice Stone. This is a very abrasive tool, so you have to be careful with it. Do not get this anywhere near plastics, leather, or anything that you do not want to be scratched. It does a great job on carpets. Using it is simple, run the stone across the carpet in small strokes collecting the hair as you go. The stone could get “clogged” with hair so its handy to have a vacuum nearby to clean it up. I usually make piles of hair as I go, that way I’m not fighting a losing battle. Small piles mean I only have to move the hair a few times instead of the entire time I’m trying to clean up.

The Lilly Brush is a cool little tool that is made up of rubber edges that pulls the hair up. This brush is safe for all surfaces, which makes it nice when you really need to go to town to get the hair up. You don’t have to worry about destroying any surfaces unlike the pumice stone. Use this brush the same way as the Pumice Stone, small strokes, piles of hair, and have fun.

The last tool I mentioned was the Detailed Image Pet Hair Removal Brush. This is more like an actual brush. It has a handle and bristles but is used a little differently. Brush the hair back and forth, going in multiple directions, then vacuum. The bristles are rubber, so it is safe to use on all surfaces just like the Lilly Brush. But wait there’s more! This brush is also equipped with a squeegee on the handle for removing water from your windows. So, if you’re into Swiss Army Knife like tools, this is the one for you.

In my experience, all of these get the job done, so I’d say its your preference on which one to buy. Whether you’re looking for something rough and tough, small and efficient, or something that is more like a brush. I’m a big fan of having multiple uses for everything I own, so I go to the Detailed Image Pet Hair Removal Brush. Even though I never use the squeegee feature I know that it’s there and that’s how they tricked me into buying it.

Tyler’s Product Ramblings: It’s weird how you can buy a product for one reason and it solves a completely different one. I lived in Idaho before moving back to help with the family business. Winters out there were pretty wet to say the least, average snow fall in the town I lived in was a little less than 200 inches and even more outside of town. I always had a problem of hopping into my truck with wet boots and having the snow melt onto my floor mats. Once I was out of my truck for the day all that snow that had melted would then freeze, making my floorboards an ice-skating rink. So I bought WeatherTech mats thinking I was going to save my floor boards from not only freezing during the winter but also to keep all of the dirt and gross stuff that I was prone to tracking into my truck off of my carpets. They did the job perfectly, but the longer I had them to more I realized how much of a difference they made with the 5 pounds of hair Riley would lose every time she was in my truck. The only hair that I have to clean up now is on the seats and the edges where the WeatherTechs stop. It’s incredible. Long story short buy WeatherTech or similar mats.

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