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Exterior Services

Appearance Maintenance Wash


Gentle hand wash and dry using our “Presidential Detail” techniques to prevent swirls and micro-marring of the paint. Wheel faces and wheel wells cleaned, door jams dried, interior cabin vacuumed, and exterior glass cleaned.



Clay Treatment


Removes embedded contaminants from top surface of paint and on exterior glass.



Headlight Restoration


Are you tired of seeing your headlights with a yellow, cloudy, dull appearance? We can fix your problem. Overtime, the protective coating applied to the plastic lens breaks down due to UV degradation and wear from abrasions. Using our Studio A methodology, we can save your headlights and keep them from turning back to the yellow, cloudy, and dull look they currently have.



New Vehicle Detail


Sadly, new vehicles are rarely delivered to the customer with close to perfect paintwork. This can be because of many variables; boat trip to America, storage conditions at manufacturing location, transportation to dealer, rail car ride, open trailer transporter, poor preparation pre-delivery, removing protective wrap from painted surfaces, or dealership detailers who use improper products and techniques for a new car delivery creating swirls, holograms, micro-marring, and light scratches.

Fact: Buying a new vehicle with close to perfect paintwork is nearly impossible. 



Overspray Removal


Free consultation and price quote.



Paintless Dent Removal


Free consultation and price quote.




Pre-purchase Inspections


Just like your vehicle's mechanical inspection, why let your appearance maintenance go to the wayside? With the Studio A Pre-purchase Inspection, we make sure what your buying is truly what you are getting. Checking to make sure your vehicle hasn’t been repainted, inspecting your leather seats to make sure they haven’t been re-died, and checking wheels for damage. Some of the defects can cause you tons of heartaches and cost money to be repaired properly. It is always a great idea to get a professional Studio A Pre-purchase Inspection. We thoroughly evaluate the exterior and interior from top to bottom to keep the surprises limited. We inspect the entire vehicle, photograph the findings, and report those findings to the customer.

❖ Paint measurements and reading on all panels.

❖ Severity of major paint defects like sanding marks, scratches, stains (i.e. bird, acid rain, tree sap, and dents).

❖ Defects caused by improper previous car detailing, such as; burned panels edges, compound-wax residue buildup, machine buffer marring, and other defects.

❖ Interior condition of upholstery, leather, carpet, headliner, moldings, etc.

❖ Wheel and tire defects.

Tire “Shine” Treatments


Proven to provide 100% permanent protection against UV and Ozone damage, while maintaining a beautiful shine! Tire Shine won’t wash, drive, or sling off the tires, and is completely dry to the touch. Tire Shine is an anti-static coating that contains no oils, petroleum, or silicone, and will not attract dust or dirt onto the sidewall of the tire. Tire Shine is a weather-proof, water-proof, flexible aero-based rubber technology that is environmentally friendly. Lab-tested, Time-tested, Road-tested.


Convertible Top Cleaning and Protection


Convertible Top Repair & Replacement.


Free consultation and price quote.

Exterior DNA Trim Protection and Restoration


Free consultation and price quote.

UV and Ozone breaks down the color of your trim and turns it chalky white. We can protect your new trim against UV and Ozone and keep it looking like new. We can also restore your aged trim back to new OEM beauty.

Touch up Paintwork


Free consultation and price quote


Under the Hood Detail


One of the most overlooked parts of detailing is under the hood. Next to your paint, your engine is one of the most expensive parts of your car. You have spent thousands of dollars over the course of your vehicle’s life servicing the fluids, maintaining the paint and interior, replacing the tires, and everything else involved with car ownership. After years of ownership and tens of thousands of miles driven, what does your engine bay look like now?

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