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Interior Services

The Green Interior Clean Treatment


“Your single source of interior cabin purity”


Experience first-hand, at Studio A Louisville, our proprietary GREEN Interior Clean Treatment. Studio A treats the interior cabin of your automobile just like we do a corporate jet. Our GREEN Interior Clean process using heated molecules of pure vapor as its cleaning agent. With three unique actions, it meticulously cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes, without leaving a residue or odor. As vapor molecules at 300 degrees Fahrenheit penetrate the surface, microorganisms and all bacteria are killed on contact!


“Not masked by Chemicals.”


Dry steam vapor; a healthy, safe, single most effective way to clean and sanitize your interior cabin. Technology that enables us to reach far beyond the cleaning capability of any conventional product.


Benefits include:

❖ Cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes the most difficult area in any vehicle without using chemicals.

❖ Kills microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, germs of all kinds, dust mites, allergens, and other pathogens.

❖ Great for allergy sufferers and those that are chemically sensitive.

❖ Your automobile’s ventilation system is a prime breeding ground for living microorganisms. The GREEN Interior Clean Treatment thoroughly deodorizes and kills anything in the ventilation system.

❖ Pristine GREEN Interior Clean without leaving a residue or odor.

❖ Studio A utilizes a dry steam vapor system that converts water to 94% dry, which allows the interior surface to dry almost immediately.

❖ Our GREEN Interior Clean Treatment attacks, breaks down, and cleans surface buildup as it penetrates deeply into the pores, nooks and crannies of the interior cabin surfaces.

❖ Helps eliminate passenger cabin exposure to toxic gases from cleaning chemicals.

❖ Your passengers, family, pets, and interior cabin will be far better off. We guarantee it!



Interior Detail Package


❖ Using compressed air, the entire cabin and luggage/cargo compartment is blown out.

❖ Interior and luggage/cargo compartment is vacuumed.

❖ The leather and cloth upholstery are cleaned.

❖ Seats are pushed forwards, back, and reclined for thorough cleaning of seat tracks and seating surfaces.

❖ All interior trim surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, which include: door panels, armrest, door sills, door jams, seat pockets, storage compartments, cup holders, sun visors, sunshades, control panels, instrument panels, display screens, audio system, touch surfaces, shift knobs, center and rear console, steering wheel, pedal pads, and footrest.

❖ All exterior and interior glass surfaces and accent lighting are cleaned.

❖ Luggage compartment/cargo space, sills, luggage compartment tray, trunk mat, retractable cargo cover, side panels, hatch panels, and spare tire compartment are thoroughly cleaned.

❖ Carpeting and mats are shampooed.

Leather  Conditioning Program

Revitalizing treatment and conditioner adds the appropriate replenishing oils back into the hide. Your leather will be so soft and supple it must be experienced first-hand. Leather feels and smells amazing.


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